Kleenex® Collection Pocket Pack Tissues

With 3 regularly refreshed on-trend and contemporary designs, Kleenex® Collection Pocket Pack tissues are a stylish addition to any handbag.

Features and Ingredients

Convenient Pocket Pack
Kleenex® Collection Pocket Pack tissues are a trendy and convenient way to keep tissues at hand when you're on the go.
Stylish, Soft and Strong
Kleenex® Collection Cube tissues don't just look great, but are soft and strong making them perfect for everyday needs.

customer Reviews


July 07, 2020


Wonderfully soft.

Having had hay fever these tissues have been wonderful. They are extremely soft and do not Leave your nose feeling sore, red or flakey. The packaging is very cute and my girls think it’s like a mermaid! They are easily pulled out the box and only1 comes out at a time unlike cheaper brands.


June 20, 2020


Great tissues

These little cubes are so handy to have in the house. The tissues are great quality and don’t fall apart in your hands. The box is easy to open and the tissues come out very easily without them all coming out at once


June 19, 2020


Love a Kleenex tissue!

I only ever buy Kleenex. They are strong, soft and durable. I know you can buy cheaper tissues, but I think you get what you pay for with Kleenex. I also love the variety of decorative boxes! As the box is cardboard, it is also recyclable.


June 18, 2020


So soft

So happy to use this product and will definitely buy these again also lovely box designs that will fit into any room of the house the tissues were nice and soft and didn't leave any fibres after used and the box was a good size not to big not to small


June 15, 2020


Looks gorgeous in any room

Love the design of this tissue box, compact and colourful, as well as soft and practical. I placed this box in my teenage daughters room uses them for everything from makeup cleanup to when she has the sniffles. she is very happy loves the soft feel and goes with her deco.


June 14, 2020


Good quality tissues

I often buy tissues but usually handy packets for out and about, so not really had boxes before. The box itself is small, compact which makes it easy for putting in the house. It’s good quality as well. The tissues are great, they feel of good quality and are quite thick. They work incredibly well and don’t fall apart with use. Overall these are great tissues, they are of good quality and do exactly as are needed. Will definitely get again.


June 14, 2020



These are very soft, much more softer then the standard mansize Kleenex. If you have hayfever, cold or even children these would be highly recommend these as there is a much less chance of getting a sore nose from all the wiping.


June 11, 2020


So soft

Fantastic tissues from Kleenex. These must be the softest tissues I have come to use. I've recently had a bit of a cold and these have been a lifesaver. No more sore, red skin. They are super soft and gentle. The print on the box is stylish so perfect for leaving around the home in view. Wont be using any other tissues from now on.

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