Kleenex® Compact Box Extra Large Tissues

For all the ups, downs, zigs, zags, tears, snot, spills and blows. Trust the ever-soft, oh-so-strong Kleenex® Extra Large tissues, and grab life by the nose. This is our XL tissues in our XS box. Handy, we know.


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The good stuff

Ooooo, silky
We make our Kleenex® Extra Large tissues with a touch of silk. Because your sore nose deserves a soft touch. 
Big tissue, little box 
Kleenex® Extra Large tissues – these are the BIG ones. Because when life throws you a messy moment, we sometimes need an XL-size solution (but in a handy, compact box).
Kleenex Extra Large pack

Kleenex® #everystepcounts

We want to reduce plastic and make recycling easier for you, while still ensuring you get that Kleenex® quality.
So, as part of our sustainability commitment, we’ve replaced the plastic opening on all our Kleenex® Compact Box Extra Large tissue boxes with a paper one.



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