Keeping our planet and people healthy

We are committed to caring for our planet and ensuring everyone remains happy and healthy. Whether it’s increasing the amount of recyclable packaging, using sustainably sourced fibres in all our products or promising to reduce water, carbon and waste in our manufacturing, we will continue to do our bit. In turn, we’re making it easier for you to do yours.

Kleenex® #EveryStepCounts


100% Recyclable

All Kleenex® Brand tissue boxes are made from recycled carton and are fully recyclable.

Less Plastic

We are removing the plastic opening from all its boxes. That’s 82 tons of plastic per year, the equivalent weight of 8 million 500 ml plastic bottles. * *based on total Kleenex® Brand boxes sold in the UK in 2019. 

100% Sustainably Sourced Fibres

100% of the fibre used in Kleenex® Brand tissues come from sustainable sources which supports a positive change for forests and people around the world.


Zero Waste

Since 2013, we have sent zero manufacturing waste to landfill from our Kleenex® Brand factories, and will continue to do so.

Lower Emissions

Our Kleenex® Brand factories have reduced carbon emissions by 31.5% since 2005 and we are committed to reducing this further.

Less Water

We have reduced water use in our production by 23.8% versus 2005 - that’s enough to fill 425 Olympic-size swimming pools.


Member of UK Plastic Pact

Kimberly-Clark is committed in its efforts to reduce plastic waste and make it easier for everyone to recycle while continuing to provide quality products you can trust.

Partnership & Awards

Kimberly-Clark is a global partner of WWF in The Global Forest and Trade Network and has been rewarded with the highest recognition on sustainability forest management.

Sustainability in Our Values

Learn more about Kimberly-Clark commitments and long term plans.