Kleenex® Ultra Soft Tissues

You deserve a touch of luxury. Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues are designed with that in mind. They are supremely soft and silky leaving your skin feeling beautiful.


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Features and Ingredients

A Perfect Addition to your Beauty Regime
Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues are a great for touching up, blotting or even removing make up as part of your beauty regime. You’ll love their softness and how beautiful they leave your skin feeling.
Beautifully Soft and Silky
Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues are soft and silky. They are simply a pleasure to touch, and feel lovely against your skin.

Kleenex® #everystepcounts

Kleenex® Brand is committed in its efforts to reduce plastic waste and make recycling easier whilst offering the quality you can trust.
As part of our sustainability journey, we have replaced the plastic opening with a paper collar on Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissue boxes.

customer Reviews


October 12, 2020


Soft compact tissues

So glad that I got these. Lovely packaging. Very colourful, easy to use and they are super soft and gentle on the skin. Ultra absorbent as well. No added fragrances or lotions so didnt flare anything on face and gentle to skin


August 10, 2020


You just can’t beat Kleenex

I love these tissues. There. I said it. And I mean it! They have got me through Lockdown, be it wiping my child’s tears after losing at a board game, my own after watching the daily updates, or spillages from my husbands spilled beverage after the football season started up again, these Kleenex tissues really have got us through the hardest of times. So much so, we now have a box in every room!


June 27, 2020


A brand you know and can trust

It's Kleenex. You know the brand and it doesn't disappoint. Lovely tissues. Does what it says on the tin. You can probably find cheaper brands out there but at least with Kleenex you know what you're getting.


June 19, 2020


Big, soft tissues.

Not our usual brand of tissues but you can certainly tell when you are using quality rather than budget. Less sore noses and more moisture. The size is also a bonus, especially when you have young children.


June 18, 2020


Great big tissues

My box arrived slightly crumpled but didn’t have any impact in the tissues inside. Nice and big, these tissues are great to have in hand around the house. Big, soft and very absorbing. Just what you need from a tissue.


June 18, 2020


Strong and does the job

These tissues are great .They are soft and silky and at 3 ply they are strong enough for most things . No more putting your finger through when you are blowing your nose! These do exactly what they say and are a perfect size too .one is enough to do the job in hand !


June 12, 2020


Super Soft

The box itself is lovely and doesn’t stand out too much on the sideboard as you all know there’s some ugly tissue boxes out there but this one is lovely. The tissues themselves are as described and super soft, they are really easy to get out the box and you always get one at a time, none of that awkward two stuck together. Hubs has suffered this year with hey fever quite badly and these have been his saviour. He usually ends up with a really sore nose due to all the blowing but these seem to have prevented that, he for one is defo a fab and we’ve bought several boxes since


June 12, 2020


So, so soft

These are the tissues that everyone in the house prefers. They are so soft and gentle on my skin yet strong enough to deal with everything. As a hay fever sufferer, these are indispensable to me, dealing with my sneezes but keeping the skin around my nose comfortable too.

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