Kleenex® Balsam Compact Box Extra Large Tissues

Sneeze. Sniff. Snot. Repeat. When you’re feeling extra snotty (and extra sorry for yourself), let Kleenex® Balsam Extra Large Tissues be your XL sidekick. They have a protective balm of aloe vera and vitamin E, so even the sorest of noses can be soothed.


1691 Reviews

The good stuff

Protective balm

95% of noses know that Kleenex® Balsam Extra Large Tissues help to protect them glowing red.
Dermatologically tested
98% of people said Kleenex® Balsam was kinder to their skin. Just what you need when your nose is a snotty mess.
Kleenex Balsam pack
Big tissue, small box
Grab a Kleenex® Balsam Extra Large tissue from our extra compact box. Handy all around the house.

Kleenex® #everystepcounts

We all want to recycle more and use less plastic. That’s why we’ve replaced the plastic opening on our Balsam tissue boxes with a paper one. More sustainable and still the same Kleenex® quality. Bonus.


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Kleenex Balsam pack
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