Kleenex® Balsam Tissues

Snotty noses. Stuffy noses. Will-you-just-stop-running noses. They’re part of life. So, when you’re not feeling super, grab Kleenex® Balsam. With aloe vera and vitamin E, its protective balm is every nose’s favourite sidekick.


1691 Reviews

The good stuff

Protective balm
With Aloe vera, vitamin E and Calendula, Kleenex® Balsam tissues help soothe your sore nose and stop it glowing red*, no matter how many times you wipe that snot…


*93% of 120 people agreed Balsam tissues better protected their noses from redness vs. their usual tissue

Dermatologically Tested
With our Kleenex® Balsam tissues, even sensitive noses can feel the love.

Kleenex® #everystepcounts

We want to reduce plastic and make recycling easier for you, while still ensuring you get that Kleenex® quality.
So, as part of our sustainability commitment, we’ve replaced the plastic opening on our Kleenex® Balsam tissue boxes with a paper one.


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