Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Antibacterial Wipes

Why wipe?  Good question.  Well, an antibacterial wipe is an easy and versatile way of cleaning up hands, faces and surfaces in the face of nasty bacteria lurking everywhere.  Handy to carry around, super easy to use and infused with 95% pure water, so say adios to germs.  Other goodbyes are also available.   


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Infused with 95% Water
Kleenex® Antibacterial Water Fresh™ Wipes are infused with 95% pure water and a cleansing formulation to provide a hygienic and refreshing clean.
No Sticky Residue and Quick Drying
Kleenex® Antibacterial Water Fresh™ Wipes quick drying formula is designed to leave no sticky residue behind leaving you feeling refreshingly clean.
Dermatologically Tested
Kleenex® Antibacterial Water Fresh™ Wipes have been dermatologically tested to be kind to skin.


Your Questions Answered

Face or hands, we all know that soap and water cleans up. Kleenex® Water™ Fresh Wipes are soaked with at least 95% pure water and a gentle cleanser. So you can get that fresh, clean feeling anywhere, anytime.

They’re a lotion-infused wipe. Fancy, we know. The lotion is made up of at least 95% pure water and a gentle cleanser. The wipe is made of 60% natural wood pulp, while our antibacterial wipes have a polymer-mix base sheet that helps tackle germs.

At Kleenex, we listen to you – our customers. You told us that you sometimes prefer a wet product depending on your needs. So, we developed Kleenex® Water Fresh™ Wipes. It means you can now choose when to reach for a dry tissue and when to reach for these.


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