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How can our Products help?

How can our Products help?

Kleenex<sup>®</sup> Allergy Comfort™ Water Fresh™ Wipes
Our fingers are constantly touching our faces, we do it all the time without realising.  And anything on our hands can easily get transferred onto faces, which isn't ideal for allergy sufferers. Our water-based wipes for hay fever, pet hair and dust help keep hands clean. Try them, your face will thank you.  


58 Reviews

Kleenex<sup>®</sup> Proactive Care™ Antibacterial Wipes

Why wipe?  Good question.  Well, an antibacterial wipe is an easy and versatile way of cleaning up hands, faces and surfaces in the face of nasty bacteria lurking everywhere.  Handy to carry around, super easy to use and and infused with 95% pure water, so say adios to germs.  Other goodbyes are also available.


54 Reviews

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