100% Recyclable

Kleenex® tissue boxes are fully recyclable and made from at least 95% recycled paper and card.

100% Biodegradable

Kleenex® tissues are made from biodegradable natural fibres.

29% Less Packaging

Removing excess air from our cartons meant 29% less packaging and 29% fewer truck miles.


Zero Waste

Since 2010, we have sent zero manufacturing waste to landfill from our Kleenex® mills.

Lower Emissions

Our Kleenex® mills have reduced carbon emissions from energy use by 3% since 2010.

4% Less Water

We have reduced water use by 4% with 100% of our mills meeting our water quality standards.

Raw Materials


100% of the fibre used in
Kleenex® tissues come from legal
and sustainable sources.

Forest Conflict

Kimberly-Clark is a global partner to WWF in The Global Forest and Trade Network.