Introducing Kleenex® Proactive Care™

From the brand that has been providing you with hygiene solutions for over 95 years, comes a complete toolkit of products to help you and your family face every day with confidence and with less worry about germs, whether you’re at home or on the go.
Hygiene Face Masks for Adults Kids

Hygiene Face Masks for Adults & Kids

Our hygiene face masks come in sleek black for adults or a vibrant jungle print for kids. To help reduce the spread of viruses, both face masks are made with 3-layer technology, including an absorbent material on the inside to draw in moisture and prevent any condensation. Not only have they been designed with your comfort in mind, but they also allow for easy breathing so you can go safely about your day.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel

There’s no need to compromise when it comes to keeping your hands clean when you’re on the go. Our antibacterial hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses whilst also caring for your hands with its skin-kind formula. Say goodbye to sticky gels and dry skin, and hello to a quick-drying hand sanitiser that’s softly scented with a lovely lemon-fresh fragrance.

Hygienic Hand Towels

Hygienic Hand Towels

Do you know how many germs are festering on the towel you dry your hands with at home? You wouldn’t want to either. Our disposable hand towels are the most hygienic way to dry your hands versus a regularly used cloth towel, and thanks to our patented technology, each towel is super absorbent and gentle on your skin. No need to worry about placing the box near your sink either as we’ve made sure the packaging is splash-resistant, and 100% recyclable.

Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial Wipes

We’ve all been there recently, you’ve gone to wipe down your trolley handle only to find the cleaning station is full of empty spray bottles. Not to worry though, you’ve got a pack of Kleenex Proactive Care Antibacterial Wipes on hand that kill 99.9% of bacteria. Not only are these wipes great for spontaneous anti-bac moments, but they’re also dermatologically tested making them ideal for cleaning your hands when water and soap aren’t available.

Our Partnership with In Kind Direct
We believe that no one should go without the necessary hygiene products, which is why we're donating 250,000 hygiene face masks to In Kind Direct to support their vital work to keep vulnerable communities clean and safe this winter in what has been a turbulent year for many. It will also help keep charities’ staff and volunteers safe so these essential community efforts can continue. In Kind Direct support thousands of charities across the UK such as food banks and community centres and we are so grateful to them for the fantastic work they do every day.



What Products Best Fit Your Need?

Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Antibacterial Wipes

Why wipe?  Good question.  Well, an antibacterial wipe is an easy and versatile way of cleaning up hands, faces and surfaces in the face of nasty bacteria lurking everywhere.  Handy to carry around, super easy to use and and infused with 95% pure water, so say adios to germs.  Other goodbyes are also available.

Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygiene Masks - Adults
Something a little more stylish than all the standard blue and white face masks you see around, a nicely understated black hygiene face mask for adults.  High quality materials and thicker than usual ear straps make these face masks a great daily choice.
Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Antibacterial Hand Gel
We've addressed some of the key things that make for a great antibacterial hand gel with our non-sticky, quick drying, lemon fresh hand sanitiser.  It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and contains a touch of glycerin, which is kind to skin and helps trap moisture in.
Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygienic Hand Towels
Shared-use towels, as found in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere, mean germs...millions of them. Urk. Our single use hygienic hand towels not only do a great job of drying your hands, and they really do, but they also mean there's no need to wipe your precious phalanges on ikky shared towels where bacteria just love to live. 
Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygiene Masks – Kids
Sorry adults, we know you'd probably love a jungle print face mask too, but these face masks are exclusively for kids as they come in a smaller size to fit smaller faces.

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