Question 0

*What month of the year do you have hay fever?

Choose the month you notice your allergies the most.

*Do you know what pollen you are allergic to?

*What type of symptoms do you get from your pollen allergies?

Choose as many as you like.

*How proactive are you in managing your pollen allergies?

1 being very reactive, you deal with your allergies as they come. 5 being very proactive, you prepare for the pollen season.

Very reactive

Very proactive

*Where do you live?

Select Location

Incorrect city

Where do you work?

Optional, you may skip this question.

Select Location

Incorrect city

*What type of activities and interests do you enjoy?

Choose as many as you like.

*Would you describe yourself as someone who loves the outdoors,
or do you prefer being indoors?

1 being more indoors > 5 being more outdoors.

More indoor

More outdoor

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