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Take a moment for you

Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical well-being. In fact, mental health problems are one of the main causes of illness in the UK (change for each country). The lockdowns have made the situation worse. More people struggling with loneliness. More people finding it difficult to cope. More people who found it difficult to get professional assistance, because of the restrictions.

Kleenex has launched the new Take a Moment Collection to help, created specially to support the mental health charity, Mind. These colourful designs include poetry and visual cues to encourage you to “Take A Moment” for your own mental well-being, or to check in on someone you care about. We will also be donating a minimum of £100,000 to Mind and every time you purchase a pack from this new Collection, we’ll donate even more to Mind - funding up to 25,000 calls to the their helpline.


A gentle positive reminder

These days we’re all so busy, that we often forget to take care of ourselves. The Kleenex Take a Moment Collection Cubes are a colourful physical reminder to stop and do just that: take a moment. Think about how you’re feeling now and embrace that feeling, whatever it is. It’s a simple exercise that when repeated should help improve your mental health. Some people call this “mindfulness”. You’ll be surprised by how much it can help you enjoy life more and understand yourself better.


How to exercise your mental health muscles

There are many ways to improve your mental health. However, everyone is different, each person has their own way of dealing with their mental well-being. What’s yours?


  1. It’s good to talk

    Many of us are uncomfortable talking about our feelings, especially when we’re not happy. However, it really does help. The old saying “a problem shared, is a problem halved” is true. Even if you don’t want to talk about “issues” just spending time with family and friends is good for you. Even arranging lunch dates with colleagues helps. It’s all about connecting with others and building a sense of belonging and self-worth. Sharing positive experiences and providing emotional support.


  2. A healthy body is a healthy mind

    Evidence shows that physical activity can improve your mental well-being. Even a brisk ten-minute walk increases your mental alertness and positive mood. When you’re willing to invest more time, regular exercise in the gym or the local swimming pool can increase your self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety. You’ll find that you have more energy during the day and sleep better at night.


  3. Give yourself a break

    It could be a five-minute pause, a thirty-minute lunch break or better still, a nice weekend away exploring somewhere new. Even a few minutes can be enough to de-stress yourself. It’s about listening to your inner voice, taking some “me” time. Surprisingly, taking breaks helps you get more done. When you’re feeling energised and happy, you’re more relaxed and efficient. For your mental well-being, the best thing to do is nothing!


More about Mind 

Mind is a mental health charity, providing advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health issue. Their aim is to raise awareness and promote understanding. Nobody should have to face this alone. A mental health problem is everybody’s problem. 

If you’re worried about your mental well-being or the mental health of someone you care about you can contact the confidential support line on 0300 123 3393 (lines open 9am - 6pm, Monday – Friday). For more information and support on staying mentally healthy, visit www.mind.org.uk. Mind also offers free resources for employers to help improve mental well-being at work. For more information, visit mind.org.uk/work.


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