Proactive Care for Communities

Learn more on the importance of showing a little kindness this winter

Across the country, households and local communities alike are all having to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. This unprecedented crisis has not been a “great leveller”. We might all be in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat. People overall have become more vulnerable* and those who were struggling before are being disproportionately affected.

Research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation** shows that 1 in 5 in the UK are living in poverty and that 1 in 8 people could be unemployed by the end of the year. It also estimated in August that 70% of families had already cut back on essentials like food or electricity.

The charity sector has been a lifeline to millions of us during the pandemic. Its support to help people who are self-isolating and shielding to escape dangerous situations, access food, products, benefits, advice and care has never been more needed. Charities have also had to deal with all the same challenges as other businesses such as adapting services, losing income, using their reserves, closing venues and staff working remotely.

With the number of Covid-19 cases rising again, the need to stay clean, safe and well is more important than ever. This year more people are struggling to access the essentials like hygiene products, laundry and cleaning supplies - more than half of charities in our network tell us that people have struggled to access essential products locally*.

Sadly, this situation will only worsen in the coming months as more households manage tighter budgets. With Christmas around the corner, the need for support looks set to be even greater at the end of this year and next.

By working closely with brands such as and developing long lasting partnerships, In Kind Direct can help maintain access to key essential items, for those who rely on them. We want to ensure that no one has to go without those essentials or just make do.

It’s fantastic to see household names like Kleenex innovate and develop new – and much needed – products so rapidly, to help ensure everyone can maintain a good hygiene routine. Kleenex’s generous donation will go a long way and we are most grateful for their longstanding support.

Providing hygiene face masks to charitable organisations in our network will enable them to keep doing their vital work, safely, up and down the country. This is crucial at a time when demand is increasing, and people are more and more reliant on their support.

This year has shown how connected and dependent on each other we really are. In the coming months, the impact of sustained lockdown measures will be felt by us all in different ways. At In Kind Direct, we are absolutely determined to keep working hard with our brand partners to support communities through this challenging winter to stay clean, safe, well.

* In Kind Direct’s 2020 Impact Report “Products in a pandemic”, published in October 2020, based on the charity’s July 2020 impact survey.
** Joseph Rowntree Foundation -

This article was written on behalf of Rosanne Gray, CEO of In Kind Direct in October 2020.



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