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On your bike, hay fever

How to make going outdoors more comfortable

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When the sun comes out, so do we. But if you’re a hay fever sufferer, you’re probably enjoying your fun outdoors while battling a snotty nose, streaming eyes and explosive sneezes.

And as different pollen kicks off at different times of the year, it can be tricky to avoid pollen (and those pesky symptoms) during hay fever season.

Going outdoors with allergies

You need to kick pollen into touch – so you can go kick a ball round the park. Luckily, Allergy UK has some simple steps and solutions that you can follow to help manage your hay fever symptoms this summer, reduce your exposure to pollen and make sure you’re out enjoying the sunshine.

  1. Plan your hay fever medicine. Starting treatments early can help reduce inflammation in your nose. Check out nasal steroid sprays for hay fever. Antihistamines can also help stop itchy eyes and a snotty nose.
  2. Plan your outfit. There are plenty of accessories you can wear that help stop pollen and other airborne allergens from attacking your face, eyes and hair. Get shopping for hats and wraparound sunglasses.
  3. Use a barrier balm to block allergens. Those with hay fever may find this helps. Dab it around your nostrils to create a barrier against airborne nasties.
  4. Pick the best time to go outside. The pollen count is typically higher on warmer, drier days. Generally, it’s higher in the morning and evening, no matter how hot it is. Keep an eye on pollen forecasts when planning your trips out. You’ll know what times to avoid – and when to be extra prepared.
  5. Dance in the rain. Or just pray for it. The pollen count typically goes down during, or right after, a shower. So, if you’re itching to go outside but it’s wet out there, pull on a raincoat and embrace it.

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