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Going Outdoors with Allergies

How to make going outdoors more comfortable

In the spring and summer months, all we want to do is be outside and enjoy the sun – understandably. However, for those who are affected by hay fever, otherwise known as allergic rhinitis, being outdoors can be frustrating. It can be tricky to avoid pollen during hay fever season, especially as different types of pollen appear at different times of the year.

Some allergy sufferers think that risking symptoms, from the more common (such as a runny nose) to the more severe (such as a tickly cough) is sometimes not worth going outdoors for.

Luckily, Allergy UK has provided some simple steps and solutions that you can follow to help manage your hay fever symptoms this summer, reduce your exposure to pollen and make sure you can get out and about.

  1. Plan your hay fever medicine in advance

    Starting treatments early that can help reduce any inflammation in the nose, like nasal steroid sprays for hay fever, can make future symptoms less severe. hay fever antihistamines can also help prevent itchy eyes and a runny nose – making the outdoors a lot more manageable in the summer.

  2. Think about what you’re wearing

    There are plenty of accessories you can wear that help prevent pollen, dander, and other airborne allergens from reaching your face, eyes, and hair – like hats, and wraparound sunglasses.

  3. Use a barrier balm to block allergens

    Those with hay fever may find that using a barrier balm around their nostrils can help create a barrier against pollen, dander and dust mites.

  4. Pick the best time to go outside

    The pollen count is typically higher on warmer, drier days – and the general rule of thumb is that the count goes up in early mornings and evenings, no matter how hot it is. By keeping an eye on pollen forecasts in advance of any trips out, you’ll know what times to avoid, and when to be extra prepared.

  5. Rain, rain, don’t go away.

    Rain can be a blessing for those with hay fever – as the pollen count typically goes down during, or right after, a shower of rain. So, if you’re itching to go outside but it’s a bit wet, pull on a raincoat and head outdoors.

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