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Get stuffed, allergy myths!

Debunking common allergy myths in the home

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Indoor allergies getting right up your nose? If you’re chilling out at home, there’s nothing more irritating than pollen, dust or pets causing your symptoms to flare up. We’re here to debunk some common allergy myths in the home, so you know your facts from fiction once and for all.

If you’re indoors, are you safe from pollen?

Nope. Sorry. Pollen can find its way into your home through open windows or doors. Try to keep them shut no matter how warm it is. The pollen count tends to rise in the evening, so it’s even more important to keep them shut to reduce your hay fever symptoms. On the plus side, you’ll keep out the mozzies…

Can allergens stick in your hair and on clothes?

Yes, they can. Allergens like pet hair, dust and pollen can all stick to the fibres in your clothes, hair and even skin. It’s worth keeping wardrobe doors closed to block any allergens getting on your clothes, as well as changing your outfit and taking a shower the minute you get home.

Can pets carry allergens?

Again, yes. They may be cute and fluffy, but pets can be guilty of carrying pollen and dust in their fur. Sorry to say it but that evening cuddle with your pooch could be triggering your allergic reactions. If you’re really suffering, keep pets out of your bedroom and (if they’ll listen) your furniture.

Whether it’s dog allergies or cat allergies, we can help with our handy guides.

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