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Allergy in Lockdown

An overview of dealing with allergies during lockdown

Many hay fever sufferers already dread the summer months. And this year, the sunny weather coincided with a global COVID 19 pandemic to make an already bad situation much worse.

This all means calls to Allergy UK’s helpline increased 50% since the UK went into lockdown at the start of March. Frustratingly, being inside due to lockdown measures didn’t do anything to relieve hay fever symptoms. Instead, pet dander allergies and house dust mite allergies contributed to respiratory symptoms and became more difficult to control.

This year, it’s more vital than ever that you get some hay fever relief inside your home. Here are some hay fever remedies from Allergy UK to help you out:

  1. Shut your windows, especially at night

    In the hot summer months, it’s not easy to prevent pollen from entering your home. This means it’s important to shut your windows as much as possible, especially during the peak pollen season at night when the pollen count is at its highest. Another option for reducing pollen exposure is to invest in an air purifier.

  2. Take a shower or change what you’re wearing

    Pollen can enter your home via your body, hair and clothing. To minimise the amount of pollen on your hair and skin, try to change what you’re wearing or shower when you get home.

  3. Regularly check on your flowers and house plants

    Given we’re all spending so much more time in our homes this summer, we’re trying to make them as attractive as possible by buying more flowers and house plants than ever before. But for hay fever sufferers, taking care of your plants by removing dead leaves and checking for mould around the soil is vital, as otherwise the mould can trigger symptoms.

  4. Don’t let pets sleep in your bedroom

    Even if you don’t have dog or cat allergies, pet dander from your furry friends can still carry airborne allergens including pollen, acting as a trigger for hay fever symptoms. Unfortunately for those hay fever sufferers who like to snuggle up with their pooch at night, the best solution is to stop your pets sleeping in your bedroom. Seek medical advice if your hay fever symptoms are still at their worst around your pet and, as a last resort, you might have to weigh up whether having a pet is the best long-term decision for you.

  5. Take action against dust mites

    Getting rid of house dust mites isn’t easy, but it’s important to try to take action against them if you suffer from hay fever or asthma as they can your trigger symptoms when the allergen becomes airborne. Signs of dust mites are hard to spot as they are microscopic and not visible to the human eye, but we know they are likely to be found in beds and bedrooms because they like warm, humid environments. The best solution to killing dust mites is to wash your bedding weekly at 60 degrees Celsius.

  6. Take the time to prepare your medication

    This year, being prepared is more important than ever for allergy sufferers. Taking the time to ensure you allow longer than usual to collect your allergy remedies and repeat prescriptions will be the best way to manage your symptoms. Speak to your GP about using your preventative inhaler regularly if you are an allergic asthma sufferer and, where prescribed, it is essential to carry your rescue inhaler when you leave the home.

Allergy UK’s Allergy House (link to has more tips and advice for managing allergens in the home.

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