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Allergies in the UK

How many of us in the UK are impacted by allergies?

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The UK has one of the highest prevalence rates of allergic conditions on the planet, with 1 in 3 of us living with allergies and hay fever.

That’s around 21 million people in total, with all age groups impacted by hay fever symptoms in the UK. Some allergies are more common than others, including hay fever, house dust mite allergies, pet allergies and food allergies; but there are many most people haven’t heard of.

Remember, if you’re suffering from an allergy, you’re not the only one. Allergy UK’s statistics show:

  • 44% of adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy, and the number is always increasing
  • Around 10 million allergy sufferers in the UK have more than one allergy – which equates to about 50% of all British allergy sufferers
  • Across the whole of Europe, allergies are the most common condition
  • Nearly a third of allergy sufferers have had to alter their lifestyle to help manage their allergy symptoms

This hay fever season, allergy sufferers are reporting particularly bad symptoms, so we’ve partnered with Allergy UK to help the 13 million people in the UK suffering with hay fever live a little more comfortably. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their summer, so we’re sharing quick and easy tips and advice on hay fever relief.

Visit to find out more about our partnership with Allergy UK.

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