Kleenex® Allergy Comfort Tissues


Introducing our new Kleenex® Allergy Comfort tissues

Kleenex Allergy Comfort is a facial tissue designed to provide comfort to your allergy symptoms.

Extremely gentle & ultra absorbent whilst also being safe to use around the eyes helping you face your allergies with confidence.

The dry facial tissues are available in a Regular Twin Box format and NEW ‘on the go’ Soft Pack. This allows you to comfort your allergy symptoms on the move, and be confident that you’ve got enough for when your allergy symptoms do strike.

The Kleenex Allergy Comfort range also includes Water Fresh™ Wipes which are made up of a soft, thick textured fabric infused with 99% water.

Our products have 0% added fragrances inks and dyes, are opthalmologically tested and are safe to use around the eyes.

With symptoms such as runny noses, watery eyes and sneezing common, Kleenex is here for you to provide comfort when you need it most.


Kleenex® Allergy Comfort

Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ Regular Twin

Kleenex® Water Fresh Wipes™ Allergy Comfort™ Water Fresh Wipes