Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygienic Hand Towels

Introducing the product you never even knew you needed. Ok, sounds great, but they're just standard tissues, right? Wrong...they're big, they're thick, they're for hands (not noses) and most importantly they aren't yukky shared towels where germs and bacteria party like it's 1999, er, again.   


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Super-Absorbent and Soft on Skin
Enjoy a clean and fresh towel every time you wash your hands.
Splash Resistant and 100% Recyclable Packaging
Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygiene Hand Towels come in a convenient In splash-resistant,100% recyclable packaging, ideal for sink areas around the home.
Single Use
Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygienic Hand Towels are single use to help prevent the spread of germs in your home.

Your Questions Answered

Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygienic Hand Towels are a solution that delivers one clean, fresh and dry towel every time you wash your hands in the home bathroom or kitchen.

The single-use, disposable hand towel from Kleenex® provides a unique new product that addresses our customers' growing concerns with hand hygiene and is a means to help maintain their families' health and wellness.

Hand washing is still the best way to prevent the spread of germs.

Handwashing followed by drying with a disposable paper hand towel means you can be confident that you are drying your hands with a hand towel that is clean, fresh and dry.

The clever design helps to prevent towels ripping when being pulled from the box, and ensures only single towels are dispensed each time, reducing wastage. You can dispense Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygiene Hand Towels with one hand.

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