Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ Soft Pack Tissues

Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ Soft Packs are designed to provide comfort to your allergy symptoms whilst on the go. Available in a handy travel size soft pack that's ideal for carrying in your bag. Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ Soft Pack tissues are extremely gentle and ultra absorbent whilst also being safe to use around the eyes helping you face your allergies with confidence.


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Features and Ingredients

Allergy UK Seal of Approval
Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ tissues have been given the Allergy UK Seal of Approval by the British Allergy Foundation so you can face your allergies with confidence.
Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically Tested
Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ range has been dermatologically tested. They have also been ophthalmologically tested making them safe for use around the eyes.
No Added Fragrances, Dyes or Inks
The Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ range have 0% added fragrances, dyes or inks making them safe to use on both hands, face and around the eyes.

customer Reviews


October 12, 2020


Useful Product

I liked the product.It is quite useful.Thanks to the Kleenex team.


October 07, 2020


So soft

So glad that I got these. Lovely packaging. Very colourful, easy to use and they are super soft and gentle on the skin. Ultra absorbent as well. No added fragrances or lotions so didnt flare anything on face and gentle to skin.


July 20, 2020


Excellent for allergy sufferers

My boys struggle when the pollen counts go up. No end of tissues get used on the eyes and nose. I try to stop them rubbing their eyes with their fingers but it never gets heard. They are kids after all. So I jumped up to the chance to review the Kleenex Allergy Tissues. They felt really soft to touch. My boys said their nose weren't sore after use and they immediately took a liking to it. So thumbs up from a parent. Well done Kleenex!


June 25, 2020


These are exactly what I was looking for!

Having suffered from hay fever for a long time, I was looking for something that would help alleviate the symptoms without irritating my skin. These tissues do exactly that! Whilst they don’t eradicate symptoms they certainly make them easier. They’re soft on your skin and smell nice too. I definitely recommend them, I noticed a difference in my symptoms when I started to use them and will continue to do so.


June 03, 2020


Perfect for allergies, definitely recommended

I'm fortunate not to have any allergies but unfortunately my husband isn't as lucky. He has severe hay fever and a nose condition which means he has always a runny nose. He takes hay fever tables daily, all year round on top of a steroid nasal spray. We do go through a lot of tissues, I would normally buy 2 mansize boxes per week and additional boxes in the winter. I honestly thought when I saw these, that they would be just a marketing ploy if I'm being honest. Don't get me wrong, I would of picked up a box to try but would never have thought some tissues would change or could have an impact on allergies. So my hubby did say they are smaller than his normal but they are the same brand as theones we buy. They felt quite smooth, not rough nor powdery. Tissues, any brand have a bit of excess paper dust that comes off them when you take them out of the box or when you pull one out of your pocket. In all fairness I haven't really noticed this before but instantly noticed it when my hubby used these. That "problem" just didn't exist with these. My hubby said blowing his nose felt more clearer than what it would normally and at the end of the day, he didn't have a sore red nose. He has been using them for the past week when his hay fever has been more extreme, we have had a high pollen count and hit weather. We live quite rural so when the farmers spread their fields etc, that will set his allergies off also. He did say that he has had a slight improvement. An improvement enough to make the change for longer to see if he notices more of a difference. But so far, so good. The only downside I would say is that the local shops all near me don't stock them but have located them online thankfully.


June 02, 2020


So soft

Wow this are amazing and do help reduce a little allergies, besides from that they are super soft and silky and kind on all skin types, plenty in a box to last a little while too. Will be buying a few boxes.

Candy Ma

May 30, 2020


Very soft and gentle to skin

I surprised how soft and strong is this tissue, I never think soft and strong can achieve at the same time, before I open the box, i expect the tissue should be quite thin to achieve the softness that mention on the packaging, but this tissue achieve both, and this tissue is good for hey fever season.


May 30, 2020


Extremely soft

Great for blowing your nose or wiping your eyes on those high pollen count days, extremely soft so great for people even with the most delicate of skin. Nice convenient size pack to keep in the car or on the side at home. I will be buying again.

want to learn from the FAQs ?

Kleenex® Allergy Comfort is a new product proposition specifically intended to offer comfort from the symptoms of runny nose and watery eyes typically associated with allergy sufferers. The Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ range includes facial tissues and wipes and is dermatologically tested, with zero added fragrances, inks and dyes and ophthalmologically-tested to be suitable for use around the eyes. 

Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ tissues are extremely gentle and ultra-absorbent, offering instant comfort on the symptoms of runny nose and watery eyes. They are hypoallergenic and are produced with a patented technology that reduces linting & dust.

Kleenex® Water Fresh™ wipes Allergy comfort are designed to wipe away allergens and offer an instant refreshing feeling. They contain 99%  pure water and are produced with a patented technology to be thick, soft and cloth like."

Kleenex® Allergy Comfort is a new product proposition specially intended to offer comfort from runny nose and watery eyes typically associated with allergy sufferers. 

However, the product is not a medical device and has no medicinal effect which means it does not provide active action against the allergy symptoms themselves.

Ophtalmologically tested means that the product has been tested to be safe for use around eyes under the supervision of a board-certified Ophthalmologist.

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