Sustainable Products and The Environment

Sustainable tissue paper:

  • Kleenex is made from natural fibres which are biodegradable.
  • All of the fibre used in Kleenex tissues comes from suppliers that are certified so you can be assured that it comes from legal and sustainable sources.
    • Kleenex was the first major tissue brand in Europe to get FSC certification.
    • By buying FSC certified Kleenex® tissues you are helping to protect the world's forests - FSC stands for the Forestry Stewardship Council, it ensures that forests all over the world are managed responsibly, considering the environment, the wildlife and the local people who live and work in the area.
  • Our forestry policy was developed with Greenpeace, and we are working closely in partnership with WWF, through our membership of the WWF Forest & Trade Network; raising awareness with suppliers, customers and consumers about responsible fibre sourcing.


Sustainable packaging:

  • Our cartons are fully recyclable with the plastic insert attached.
  • Our boxes are made from at least 95% recycled fibre with most of them actually being 100% recycled.

In 2012 we removed all the excess air in our regular cartons reducing the box height by 33%. This helped reduce the amount of packaging we use by 29% and enabled 29% fewer truck miles (annually that's 136,000 kilometres, or 5.5 times round the planet). All this whilst keeping the same number of great quality tissues per box.


Sustainable environmental footprint:

  • We have had environmental targets in place since 1994. Our latest strategy, ‘Sustainability 2015’, includes long-term goals to improve in all our key environmental impact areas :
    • Reducing GHG emissions, energy and water in manufacturing of our products.
    • Responsible disposal of waste water.
    • Improvements in waste-management.

We are making great progress towards our goals, regularly review our performance in these areas and look for ways to reduce our impact.


Sustainable and ethical sourcing:

We believe that the way we do our business is as important as the business we do - operating with integrity and with high ethical standards is the Kimberly-Clark way of doing business.

  • We have a Code of Conduct that provides overall guidance for dealing with customers, suppliers, other employees, competitors and the public with integrity and in an ethical and appropriate manner.
  • Our specific policies, such as Human rights in Employment Policy, align with international standards in this area.

We have a Corporate Social Compliance Team that implements our ‘Supplier Social Compliance Standard’ to help ensure good practice amongst those companies we buy from.  Sustainability leadership:

  • For 10 consecutive years, Kimberly Clark, who make Kleenex, have been listed by the FTSE Group on its prestigious FTSE4Good Index Series. The index recognizes companies for working towards environmental sustainability, developing positive relationships with stakeholders, and upholding and supporting universal human rights.
  • This is just one of the regular recognitions we receive from respected independent bodies - for example, recently we were named to Ethisphere’s 2012 and 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies Lists, recognized by Corporate Responsibility Magazine as one of the top 20 “Best Corporate Citizens”, and ranked highly in the list of the “World’s 25 Best Multinational Workplaces” by the Great Place to Work Institute.