Summer Holiday Hygiene Hacks

Doesn’t a stress-free summer holiday sound nice?

It's the summer we’ve all been waiting for.

After a year of going in and out of lockdown and spending the last few months eagerly (but cautiously) anticipating restrictions easing in the UK, we’re finally allowed to make the most of the warmer months and venture out. Plus, we can even travel to some of our favourite places now!

For some it’s an overdue trip to the seaside, for others it’s a girls’ weekend to a sunny city. And now with school summer holidays in full swing, families across the country are planning their own getaways.

Wherever you’re planning on going, we still need to be safe and hygienic – not just to protect ourselves, but others too.

Here in the UK, many restrictions have been lifted (finally we can give our friends a big old hug whenever we want), but lots of countries have different Covid-19 regulations, like wearing masks in their shops, public spaces, or hotels, whilst others might require social distancing on the beach.

So – if you’re planning a summer getaway for your family before school starts again and are wondering how to keep good hygiene abroad or closer to home, we’ve pulled together a few helpful tips to let you enjoy all those ice creams and pool inflatables with added peace of mind.

  • Hand hygiene is key
    • Whether you’re worried about how many people just touched your passport or the door handle in the service station – keep that sanitiser to hand and use as much as you need to feel comfortable! Regularly cleaning your hands is one of the best ways to stop the spread of germs.
  • Bring a mask with you
    • When in a new place, you might find yourself asking ‘is it safe to eat out?’. It of course depends on how comfortable you feel, however packing a face mask means you can cover your face in busy restaurants, bars, or public places if you feel overwhelmed. Remember – some countries might require you to wear them indoors.
    • You’ll still be required to wear a mask on flights, so it’s worth bringing a few spares, plus smaller ones for the kids, in your carry bag.
  • Think about the kids
    • Antibacterial wipes should be number 1 on your family packing list – you can use them to wipe down restaurant tables, plane armrests, your kids’ messy faces after all those ice creams or hot dogs, the list goes on.
    • Also, remind your children about hand washing before eating, so they can keep themselves safe too – as we all know, they touch everything they can see!
  • Pack a travel hygiene kit
    • Just like you’d pack your sunscreen, flip flops and sunnies, nowadays it’s wise to bring all the hygiene essentials you’d need in your bag.
    • Kleenex has a complete toolkit of products, the Proactive Care range which includes antibacterial hand gel, face masks and antibacterial wipes, to help you and your family face every day with confidence and with less worry about germs. So, whether you’re at home or on the go, you can get one step closer to the beach.
  • And finally… have some fun! You’ve earned it.


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